The Team

Hudson Valley Community Choice is a joint effort between the participating communities, the Program Administrator (Joule Community Power), and the Local Organizer (Hudson Valley Energy) who provides: program support to community leaders and customers, ongoing outreach and education and other sustainability focused technical support services.

Joule Community Power

Joule Community Power serves as Program Administrator for Hudson Valley Community Power.

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Joule Community principals were responsible for implementation of New York State’s first Community Choice program. Because the program rules vary from state to state Joule Community is the only organization with the expertise and relationships in New York to effectively manage a program, especially with the ambitious renewable energy goals that we share.

Moreover, Joule Community is the only company offering Community Choice administrative services in New York with an approved implementation plant that fully integrates local renewable energy projects. Their innovative approach is pushing the envelope for renewable energy strategies in New York and encouraging the Public Service Commission to advance these solutions more rapidly.

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Hudson Valley Energy

Hudson Valley Energy is the Local Organization for Hudson Valley Community Power.

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Hudson Valley Energy is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting people-powered sustainable communities.  Led by Jeff Domanski, who has over 25 years of experience, Hudson Valley Energy provides technical sustainability guidance and program support to municipalities, schools, and other non-profits. 

With an emphasis on building knowledge and skills within these organizations, Hudson Valley Energy specializes in planning, training, education, outreach, and other engagement strategies to provide resources to enhance capacity so sustainability efforts and the benefits they yield can be self-sustained.

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6 communities are currently exploring joining forces under the Hudson Valley Community Power program.