What is Hudson Valley Community Power?

Hudson Valley Community Power is a partnership between six communities (Beacon, Cold Spring, Marbletown, Philipstown, the Town of Fishkill, and the City of Poughkeepsie), who have teamed with JouleCommunity (as Program Administrator) and Hudson Valley Energy (as Local Organizer), to explore the potential of participating in a Community Choice energy program in the Hudson Valley.

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Say YES to #LocalEnergyChoice in the Hudson Valley by signing our petition!

Fighting climate change isn't always sexy. "Community Power" may not inspire emotion the way other movements might. But it is REAL. It is a tangible way to shift the paradigm and put us on a path to 100% clean energy. It's worth fighting for.

So please sign our petition and let's show our municipalities that we want this. If you're in New York State - wherever you are - please sign! Let's make some noise and create change together!


The Team

Hudson Valley Community Choice is a partnership between the participating communities, the Program Administrator (Joule Community Power), and the Local Organizer (Hudson Valley Energy) who provides: program support to community leaders and customers, ongoing outreach and education and other sustainability focused technical support services.

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Upcoming Community Events

Come to a public Q&A session and learn how you can make Community Choice a reality in the Hudson Valley. We have several FREE events coming up in January and February 2019 and we’d love to meet you there.

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