We Are Still In: Community Energy from Disruption

Less than a month after the largest global mobilization of climate strikes, the number of voices advocating decarbonization from Sydney to Berlin and Istanbul to Cape Town, is undeniable.

The transition represents more than a changing technical system but changing social behaviors, business models, institutional frameworks and political choice. The new and increasingly relevant descriptor of the evolving energy market is disruption – one no longer only applicable to technology that is redefining the marketplace but also to people in their social and civic responses.

Shifting dynamics on the world stage have only fueled local action in the face of weakening international agreements, once aimed unifying global movement against climate change. A prime example of this is the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement. Spurred by civic action, citizens and community leaders responded by saying “we are still in” and reasserting individual commitment to climate action. Working instead from the bottom-up, the “We Are Still In” campaign boasts signatures of more than 3,800 CEOs, mayors, governors, college presidents, and others to its joint declaration. Movements like these signal the strength of the mandate for fair decarbonized energy starting with grass roots community action and local government.  

Similar groups like the EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy and the Global Covenant of Mayors echo this drive on both sides of the Atlantic bringing together thousands of local governments who opt to fulfill climate and energy targets.  

The focus on democratization of clean generation coupled with regulatory changes in progressive markets like New York State have enabled community power and new choice at the municipal level. Building on the momentum of collective change at the local level, Joule Assets works with municipalities and local partners to empower communities and facilitate their goals of providing residents and businesses with cleaner and more affordable energy. With New York State’s Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Program, we offer residents and businesses opportunities to save money on electricity, choose clean, renewable energy and generate new sources of revenue through participation in energy markets.  

We are committed to enabling more municipalities to participate in opportunities like CCA and Community Solar, one community at a time. We are still in.