Community Choice



What is Community Choice?

Based on NYS regulation, Community Choice (technically termed as Community Choice Aggregation, or CCA) is an energy procurement program that enables cities, towns, and villages to buy energy on behalf of their residents and businesses, aggregating the buying power of individual customers within a defined jurisdiction. The aim of this strategy is a more democratized energy system.

With Community Choice, the default supplier is chosen by the local government as a result of a formal procurement process where the best possible rate is achieved: without a Community Choice program in place, the electric utility is the default supplier. This results in greater buying power that can leverage savings to the customers in those communities.


What are the benefits of Community Choice?



Guaranteed fixed electricity bills every month that are lower than what you pay now



The local authority designates the default energy supplier(s) and mix of renewable vs. basic energy supply



Municipalities can solicit competitive bids from energy suppliers and gain power with collective negotiation

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