Community Solar



What is Community Solar?

Also known as shared renewables, community solar or solar gardens, the approach creates communal local energy meant largely to benefit apartment dwellers, those with shady roofs or other obstructions to installing onsite renewables. Participants pay a portion of their energy bill toward the project’s power production.

What are the benefits of Community Solar?

(Synonyms: Community solar, solar farms, shared solar, solar gardens)

  • Mid-scale. 5 MW cap; equivalent of 200-500 residential rooftop solar arrays, yet only 1-5% of the capacity of a large gas or nuclear power plant 

  • Cleaner AND cheaper. Guaranteed savings - ~10% off utility bill

  • Benefits stay local. System resilience and reliability, local economic development, green jobs, long-term sustainability

  • Not just solar. Wind, hydro, anaerobic digesters, fuel cell eligible for same benefit

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